Sunshine & Shiny things

This weekend was the first bit of glorious sunshine this year which is a near miracle after all the rain we have had. Friday was also the first payday in a while that I have been able to go splurge…well by splurge I mean buy myself some urgently needed essentials.

First stop was Next for some black skinnies. I have always been slightly negative about Next, it conjured up an image of those who have forgotten fashion existed and lack imagination (Sorry next-ees!). However, I have recently found lots to things to love and they have a great range of wardrobe essentials so I picked up a pair of jeans for just £22

With the sun out, I headed to h&m for some new sun glasses (previous pair falling victim to my bottom) & new pumps. Look completed.

Sunday morning was spent at the gym with a Pilates class, I have been going to Body Balance for a while which I love so thought I would try my hand at Pilates. Whilst it was a lovely way to end the week I think I enjoy the extra movement and energy that comes with Body Balance. The afternoon, along with what seemed like the majority of Brighton, was devoted to the seafront with a stroll up the marina, lunch &  home.

Other great things about this weekend included

–          Homemade humus- recipe here. 

–          The arrival of The Body Book, I am halfway through and completely addicted. More to come on it soon…

–          And a delivery from the wonderful not-another-bill of a gorgeous art deco mirror by designer Haidee Drew. 


The week ahead will hopefully involve lots more sunshine, the walking dead and a lovely roast along the south bank with some old chums. 


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