Time flies

Time has flown by since my last blog. I had been aiming for one a week but completely failed last week.

Yesterday was the Brighton marathon, I was very good on Saturday night and went home early so I could wake up fresh on Sunday to go cheer on my crazy friend Anna. It was a very grey morning but there were lots of people to support the runners. I am not sure what it is about marathons but they always make me a little teary! (Goodness knows why). We got to see Anna at the 14k, 19k and 25k mark and she was incredible. I was amazed at how relaxed and at ease all the runners seemed. A big well done to everyone who took part, I hope you can still  move today!

Now, back to Saturday night. I went over to Eastbourne as my lovely lovely friend Sarah was back from Bologna where she now resides, much against my will. There aren’t that many yummy places to dine in Eastbourne, we went to the Thai Brasserie in the Enterprise Centre which is now up there with my favourite places in Eastbourne.

I managed to stay away from the Pad Thai (probably because I have had it twice in the last week) and I had the Dopey Honey Duck and Chicken Teriyaki. They do ‘Thai tapas’ which is brilliant as I can never decide what I want, so I got to have two dishes. The only down side was that it is a very quiet restaurant and the atmosphere wasn’t really right. Not good when you have 4 girls who don’t see each other enough, we slowly got louder and louder and got some unhappy looks from a few fellow diners!



 This is a little throwback from 2 1/2 years ago!


I have been having a sugar free lent & am looking forward to Easter when I can tuck into a big slice of cake.  In the meantime, to keep my sweet tooth happy I have been tucking into Naked Bars, I especially love the Banana bread bars and they taste even better knowing there is only 5, natural ingredients.