Fitness blender = Burpee Warning

I am awlays trying to keep fit,  so when my boyfriend sent me this ‘great’  website he had stumbled across I thought I would give it ago.

Given our loft room situation and the fact that last time I did an exercise video at home I scared the hell out of our housemate who thought we were enjoying some other pleasures, loudy; I waited until the boys were out.

The website? Fitnessblender.


I love home workouts but I tend to find them on the easier side in terms of cardio, this is the logic that lead me astray.  I selected a workout level of  5 (out of 6) and a calorie aim of 400-600. This was a mistake.

Their HIIT workouts are insane!  10 minutes in I wasn’t sure I was going to complete it but thanks to the counter and the knowledge that I just had to get through short rounds (…oh and the pause button for a quick breather!) somehow I managed to get through, burnt the calories and completed the workout.

This is probably the hardest I have ever workouted at home. I am not going to lie, my legs killed the next day- strecthing out & cooling down it a must- I learnt the hardway.

I now use the website regulary and really like the search feature so you can filter to find the right workouts for you. I do however, firmly believe most the videos should come with a burpee warning.