I’m Back

So I seem to have fallen off the blog wagon big time or is it that I’ve been on the blog wagon all this time. Who knows..

After some thought about why the lack of writing, I realised that I felt too pressured (albeit pressure I inflect on myself) to write about things that are relevant. Well, I have thrown that pressure out the window and will be writing about the things that really do consume a lot of my time.

This is namely Fitness and Food. My continuous mission to keep fit and enjoy food but will include all sorts, apart from liquorice (yuck!).

Watch this space for more blogs.


Time flies

Time has flown by since my last blog. I had been aiming for one a week but completely failed last week.

Yesterday was the Brighton marathon, I was very good on Saturday night and went home early so I could wake up fresh on Sunday to go cheer on my crazy friend Anna. It was a very grey morning but there were lots of people to support the runners. I am not sure what it is about marathons but they always make me a little teary! (Goodness knows why). We got to see Anna at the 14k, 19k and 25k mark and she was incredible. I was amazed at how relaxed and at ease all the runners seemed. A big well done to everyone who took part, I hope you can still  move today!

Now, back to Saturday night. I went over to Eastbourne as my lovely lovely friend Sarah was back from Bologna where she now resides, much against my will. There aren’t that many yummy places to dine in Eastbourne, we went to the Thai Brasserie in the Enterprise Centre which is now up there with my favourite places in Eastbourne.

I managed to stay away from the Pad Thai (probably because I have had it twice in the last week) and I had the Dopey Honey Duck and Chicken Teriyaki. They do ‘Thai tapas’ which is brilliant as I can never decide what I want, so I got to have two dishes. The only down side was that it is a very quiet restaurant and the atmosphere wasn’t really right. Not good when you have 4 girls who don’t see each other enough, we slowly got louder and louder and got some unhappy looks from a few fellow diners!



 This is a little throwback from 2 1/2 years ago!


I have been having a sugar free lent & am looking forward to Easter when I can tuck into a big slice of cake.  In the meantime, to keep my sweet tooth happy I have been tucking into Naked Bars, I especially love the Banana bread bars and they taste even better knowing there is only 5, natural ingredients.



New York, New York

This New Years I was incredibly lucky to spend in NYC accompanied by my lovely Mum.

We left on Boxing day & arrived in New York around 3pm. Initially I wanted to travel like a local, getting the metro to the hotel but  we were so exhausted we jumped in a taxi. Trying to resist sleep we headed out for a walk as soon as we arrived and headed up to Washington square & then set ourselves to the task of finding dinner.  The Result: Philly cheese steak at Fanelli Cafe, it was so good we went back on the last day for lunch. The perfect combination of relaxed but lively atmosphere, homely and tasty food.

New york 4.

As it was our first visit much time was spent on typical tourist things like the 9/11 memorial, Staten Island ferry, the Rockefeller Centre and so on, I won’t bore you with the details. However, if visiting the memorial,  for a quick lunch I would definitely recommend the Italian deli next to the memorial ticket office. Shout your orders & don’t be shy, I ordered the Californian wrap, crammed with chicken, avocado & salad- possibly the best wrap ever.

Two very tasty dinners of the trip were

Boyd Thai (I take my pad Thai addiction with me where ever I go). We shared the Crispy Duck with Pineapple Cashew Nut Salad to start with, it was a little salty for my tastings but my mum devoured it, just as well as our Pad Thai portions were huge but very tasty so I didn’t want to leave even a mouthful.


Mekong bar, arriving earlier than most diners we were sat in a very quiet dinning room (it got busier) and had the full attention of the waitress, who talked to us for a while about England, the local area and our plans before leaving us to enjoy our meal, which was incredible. Especially the Goi Ga (chicken  and cabbage salad).

The first two days were spent doing so much walking meant I had to pick up a new pair of trainers, we gave up after day 2 and spent the rest of the week whizzing around on the metro.  Part of all this walking was a trip to Serendipity which, knowing my love of ice cream and all things sweet had been recommended by the lovely Abbey at fashionGrace. We arrived around 5 o’clock to a 3 hour waiting list, so sad we didn’t get to go. This will be added to my to-do list for the next trip and I will definitely be booking in advance.

New york 3
Unintentionally this has been slightly food focused. I could write forever about the trip. I think it is safe to say that I fell in love with the city. I loved how vibrant it was, the spaces, the architecture. Oh, and the amount of dogs and doggie parks. Let’s be honest, it’s enough in itself to make you love the city.

New york 2.