City Lights

I could tell this week was going to go quickly when I mentioned it being Monday morning to someone but actually, it was Wednesday.

I have spent most of the weekend in London, Saturday night was a tapas night with lots of yummy homemade food and sangria. Today I went to meet some old work colleagues for Sunday lunch at The White Hart . The plan was to have a roast but as the sun was blazing down on us, I opted for the toasted cous cous, fried halloumi, bean & avocado salad, it was really tasty and a lot more filling than it looked (or that could have been the large glasses of wine..). It was great to see people I haven’t seen for a couple of months and have a good catch up.

After I stopped commuting from Brighton to London, I think I went on a travel boycott and the last time I was in London for the day was back in November when I did a city walk called hidden city.  Hidden city is a ‘treasure hunt’ around the city, you receive a series of clues which need to be solved to find out where you have to go next. Each new location has the answer to the second part of the clue, once you have the answered correctly- you are receive the next clue. 

We did the City Lights Evening Trail which started at the Barbican &  finished near Borough market. It was a great way to explore the city and see parts that you would never normally venture. This trail is rated as easy- medium, I would say we are a pretty intelligent bunch but there were some clues that we found impossible. We were a bit worried when we spent 15 minutes trying to solve the first clue, luckily you can text for hints!

The highlight of the walk was visiting the roof terrace at One New Change where there are amazing views of St. Paul’s Cathedral. I am sure that regulars to the area would have been there many times but for me, it was a great find. My friends have previously done the Brighton walk, maybe it’s because we are Brighton locals but they were a bit disappointed however,  would thoroughly recommend the London walks.


(Note: There are two pubs called The White Hart within a very close proximity, if meeting friends- make sure you have the right pub!)