Run Club and Cocktails

After months of procrastinating, on Monday evening I decided to finally go to the Sweatshop running club. I had seen them earlier in the year running along the seafront and have been meaning to go ever since.

When I got to the shop we stood around for 10 minutes waiting for everyone to arrive, I resisted the urge to get out my phone to look busy (ie check facebook). Everyone was chatting in their own groups and although the vibe was very friendly I felt like a bit of a lemon standing waiting. Luckily I got chatting to another lady, who was also there for the first time & I then clung to her until we started the run.  

The run was just 5k, starting opposite the the Brighton Centre to The King Alfred leisure centre and back. It was a mixed group so there were a few who whizzed off and I saw them returning before I even felt like I had gotten started. However, the overall pace was good. My competitive spirit kicked in and I tried my best to keep up with a guy who was just slightly ahead of me the whole time and I finished at just over 27 minutes. The fastest time I heard mentioned when 17 minutes!

It was great to get out running with a group, I love running and the peace you find but it was great to feel part of a pack. Tomorrow looks like rain so I might wait until next week for my next visit.

On Tuesday evening we got last minute tickets to see Bombay Bicycle Club at the Brighton Dome. It was a great gig, I rarely listen to them now but this is the second time I have seen them and they were awesome. It was a great mixture of tempo, I was surprised at the big pit that formed in the crowd and was glad that I had lovely sitting seats with the oldies upstairs.

photo 2

The week was topped off with a visit All Star Lanes in Bloomsbury for a old school friend’s birthday. It was great to catch up with people I really don’t see enough of, enjoy a cocktail or two and some good music.

photo 1

Last by no means least, I have been watching everyone put up their no make up selfies and have now been ‘nominated’. It’s a great cause and the campaign has been huge on social media. It is worrying how nervous some people seem to be to post,  make up is great for giving your natural beauty a boost but we should all be a little more confident in our own skin…maybe this campaign will do a more than just help raise money for charity.

I shall be making my donation and posting up my no make up selfie.