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tone it up

I am addicted to American reality TV shows and usually the only side effect of my addiction is spending my Sunday mornings watching reruns of the hills. But Toned up was different, when I was in New York just over a year ago Bravo were running Toned Up, a behind the scenes look at two fitness fanatics (not in the oiled up, on stage sense) who had started their own female based fitness community and had built a nutritional plan for its members.

These women were fun loving, beautiful and inspiring.

Once I was home, I followed the community and did their youtube fitness videos- all of which is free. In May I decided to sign up for the nutrition plan. At the time I thought it was a little costly but was convinced by the regular updates and the promise of lots of super healthy but super tasty recipes. I wasn’t disappointed.

The highlights are definitely

– The community, the ladies in this community are always always there to encourage and support you. They are also a great fountain of knowledge and will help guide you through the first few months of getting fit and healthy. Just look out for the hashtag TIU on instagram for a taste of what it is like

– The fitness videos. These are brilliant, I am a complete gym bunny and love the treadmill but some evenings you just dont want to leave the house so these videos are perfect. These is a mixture between cardio, toning and yoga so meet whatever needs you have.

– The nutrition plan, not only does it set out the rules we should all be following when looking after our nutrition but it is jammed packed full of delicious recipes which are simple, tasty and healthy (what a combination!)

Rather than go into loads of detail, I would recommend that you check it out for yourselves at www.toneitup.com